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电竞赛事竞猜-I think these are clever devices, but theres very limited data on how valuable they are, said Dr. David M. Rapoport, the director of the sleep medicine program at New York University School of Medicine. Theyre a really good way to capture data. But some of them are giving out recommendations in ways that just arent proven.我指出这些应用于都是很聪慧的设置,但是关于它们简单性的数据十分受限,大卫.M.拉波波特博士说道。拉波波特是纽约大学医学院睡眠中医学项目的指导。这些应用于是获取信息十分有效地的方式,但是有些软件得出的建议仍未获得证实。He points out that certain features, like quantifying sleep and tracking habits, are particularly beneficial because they identify sleep patterns. Many people lie to themselves about how much sleep theyre really getting, he said. If it takes an app to tell you youre only getting four hours a night and that thats why youre tired, then thats a good thing.拉波波特认为这项应用于的某些特点特别是在简单,如提升睡眠中质量和跟踪生活习惯,因为这些功能可以辨识睡眠中模式。

很多人关于自己的电竞下注平台-电竞下注软件-电竞赛事竞猜睡眠中时间都马利亚了谎。他说道,如果让一个应用程序告诉他你你晚上只睡觉了4个小时,所以你很疲乏,这是件好事。But, he says, when an app instructs you to get eight hours of sleep instead of seven, or to avoid coffee after 6 p.m. for better sleep, it has gone too far, since not everyone needs the same amount of sleep or is affected in the same way by caffeine. These apps tend to suggest that theres a right way you should do things, he said, but we cannot make the same recommendations for everybody.但是他也说道,如果一个应用于指挥官你睡觉8个小时而不是7个小时,或者不想你晚上6点之后喝咖啡,这样就走极端了,因为不是所有人都必须完全相同时间的睡眠中,而咖啡因对所有人的影响也不尽相同。这些应用于企图告诉他人们做到事情的准确途径,拉波波特教授说道,但是我们无法给所有人完全相同的建议。

Dr. Rapoport also questioned the claim that waking a person from light sleep prevents sleep inertia. While some studies have found evidence of this, others, like one carried out by Harvard researchers and published in The Journal of Sleep Research, have found it has almost no effect. It is not clear that systematically waking people up in light sleep is going to benefit them or lead to better health, he said.除此之外,拉波波特博士也批评所谓的在轻度睡眠中时被睡觉需要防治睡觉后幼稚。尽管有些研究早已寻找了涉及证据,但是其他研究,比如公开发表在《睡眠中调查期刊》上的哈佛大学研究者所做到的研究,皆找到这些应用于毫无效果。系统地在轻度睡眠中的时候把人睡觉否有助身体健康尚能不具体,拉波波特说道。


Toward the end of a normal night of rest, the amount of time spent in deep sleep tends to diminish, so its likely that any alarm will wake a person in light sleep anyway, said Dr. Meir H. Kryger, a professor at Yale Medical School and the author of a new e-book, The Guide to Sleep.梅尔.H.克莱格,耶鲁大学医学院教授,新出的电子书《睡眠中指南》的作者。他说道,当夜晚睡觉邻近尾声的时候,用作深度睡眠中的时间渐渐增加,因此,任何方式的任何闹铃都能睡觉一个正处于轻度睡眠中的人。At 6 or 7 in the morning, its very likely that a person will not be in a very deep state of sleep, he said. Simply knowing that means that these devices have a very good chance of working just because of biology. On the other hand, so does any alarm clock.约早上6、7点的是时候,人很有可能早已不正处于深度睡眠中的阶段了,克莱格教授说道,理解这点只是意味著因为生理学原理,这些应用于很有可能起着起到。不过从另一方面谈,任何一个闹钟也能做这一点。

That is not enough to dissuade faithful users of the programs, like Bart Epstein, 43, a longtime Zeo user who lives in Arlington, Va. Mr. Epstein, an executive at Tutor.com, an online tutoring program, says he has no doubt that the program lives up to its claims. After years of sleeping poorly, he began using the Zeo, which helped him identify habits that were keeping him wired at night and cutting into his sleep, like evening exercise, and it forced him to be disciplined about his bedtime regimen.Best of all, he said, he no longer struggles with morning grogginess. It just doesnt happen anymore.以上解释还足以劝说这些应用于的心目中粉丝。比如巴特.爱普斯坦,43岁,仍然居住于在艾灵顿,是长年用于Zeo产品的老客户。爱普斯坦先生还是Tutor.com的管理人员,负责管理网上辅导项目。

他说道他一开始就是用Zeo的产品,可以协助他找到晚上睡觉很差慧的原因以及停下来他的睡眠中,像夜间磨练一样,这些应用于被迫他遵从睡眠中规律。Having all the data that it collects is what influences me, he said. You can lie to yourself and lie to your spouse, but you cant lie to the Zeo. It holds you accountable.享有所有睡眠中应用于所收集的信息实实在在地影响着我,爱普斯坦说道,你可以跟自己说出,也可以愚弄你的伴侣,但是你忙没法Zeo,它让你充满著责任感。Best of all, he said, he no longer struggles with morning grogginess. It just doesnt happen anymore.爱普斯坦说道,最篮的就是,他很久不必须为早晨的神经衰弱而绝望了,睡醒之后的种种问题很久没再次发生过。